GOP Rep. Luna Decries ‘Incredibly Racist’ Washington Post

Representative Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) blasted The Washington Post during an appearance on FNC’s “Jesse Watters Primetime” on Friday for a profile containing errors for which the Post has since had to issue corrections.

According to Luna, the piece included mischaracterizations and errors, including questioning her Hispanic heritage and voting record as a Republican.

Luna told FNC’s Will Cain that the Post was “incredibly racist.”

“Well, they did start out with saying that I basically made up the fact that my father never went to jail,” she said. “And, as you saw with the records that we sent to Fox News, that’s completely false. My story, growing up within the welfare system, going to over six high schools, that’s not something that The Washington Post wants to tell the truth about. They also proceeded to leave out an entire interview with a roommate that I had that debunked a bizarre claim made by someone that was apparently stationed with me that claimed that I owned a firearm during this break-in.”

“So, fact is that we have these receipts. My attorneys already issued a letter of correction. Washington Post didn’t respond to a response from Fox Digital, nor did any of the other people that made these bizarre allegations. And we will be issuing these letters to correct to Vanity Fair and a few other major outlets decided to run with the story before they corrected the facts. I will say that People Magazine did reach out, and they wanted to wait to see this episode before they ran the story. So, I’ll be interviewing with them after. But it’s awful how they treat minorities, and the fact is that their undertone of their article was incredibly racist. They tried to undercut my Hispanic heritage. They even spoke to my mother and did report on a lot of what she was posting. So, the Washington Post is compost, and they should do better.”

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