Dem Rep. Garamendi: ‘Extreme MAGA Republicans’ Want to ‘Cut and Run’ in Ukraine

Representative John Garamendi (D-CA) said Friday on Fox Business Network’s ” Cavuto: Coast to Coast” that “extreme MAGA Republicans” wanted to “cut and run” from the Biden administration aiding Ukraine against Russia.

Host Neil Cavuto asked, “Congressman, Ukraine has always had the position we’re always open to talking about to Vladimir Putin about ending this, but it better not involve surrendering an inch of our land. Now, I cannot imagine Vladimir Putin leaving Ukraine without keeping something. So where do you see that going?”

Garamendi said, “It’s not for me to see. This is for Ukraine and Russia to negotiate along the way. What we must do now is to make sure that Ukraine is in the very best possible situation, not just for Ukraine and its democracy and for their hopes and dreams about being an independent state, but also for our own international security. For example, if we were to cut and run as some of my extreme MAGA Republicans are now talking about, that is a message not only to the Eastern European NATO countries, which are at substantial risk if we were to leave and not back up NATO and continue the particular issue in Ukraine, but it is a message to China having to do with the entire Western Pacific. And, most importantly, are we willing to stand with Taiwan and the other countries in that area that are seriously being threatened by an aggressive China.”

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