Swalwell: McCarthy Gave ‘Blueprint for the Capitol’ to ‘Proudest Boy of All’ Tucker Carlson

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said Monday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) gave footage of the January 6, 2021 Capital riot to “the proudest boy of all” Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “To turn the wheel over to the people that he turned it over to who so brazenly went on the airwaves of Fox News of all places, and said there’s nothing left to ask for, we’ve exploited him so fully and completely there’s nothing left. How does that impact the body?”

Swalwell said, “We’re seeing week by week that now Kevin McCarthy has to pay a new installment on that corrupt bargain. So last week, the installment was to give Tucker Carlson unfettered access to police footage, sensitive police footage of the Capitol on January 6. There’s no good ending to that. It’s either going to be used to distort what happened on January 6 by Tucker Carlson, or you just gave the proudest boy of all a blueprint for the Capitol. Who knows where that will land for the next insurrection that could be planned? So you’re going to see more and more installment payments by Kevin McCarthy.”

Wallace said, “I wanted to make sure you didn’t mishear you. Did you just call Tucker Carlson the proudest boy of all? Are you associating him with them on purpose? Say more.”

Swalwell said, “Yes. What is different than going back to your last segment about Fox and what they did to distort the truth around the 2020 election? Tucker Carlson aligned himself completely with the same motivations and beliefs that groups like the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys had, which was to not accept the results of the 2020 election, to foment lies that would lead to violence. So yes, I lump them all together, and this lawsuit by Dominion seems to validate that.”

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