GOP Rep. Jackson on Biden Cancerous Lesion Removal: ‘Biden Is the Cancer – He’s What Needs to Be Removed’

During this week’s broadcast of FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), a former White House physician, reacted to President Joe Biden’s latest health scare.

Reportedly, Biden had a cancerous lesion removed earlier this year. However, Jackson argued the report was an effort to distract from Biden’s cognitive issues.

“Congressman, I want to ask you your thoughts from your medical background,” host Maria Bartiromo said. “Unfortunately, President Biden had a cancerous lesion removed from the president’s chest last month. The doctor said that this is a common form. The lesion tested positive for carcinoma, but he’s OK. But I wonder about the conversation about his capacity. You have been talking about the president’s cognitive abilities being a national security risk. Tell us more.”

“Well, look, Maria, I will start by saying that Biden is the cancer,” Jackson replied. “He’s what needs to be removed, not the — not the lesion they found. But this is just another effort from his physician and from his medical team to distract. They’re going to talk about this. They gave us a bunch of useless information about his cholesterol and the stuff that no one cares about. All we care about in this country with regards to President Biden, 80 years old, who’s got some obvious cognitive issues, is a cognitive assessment of some sort. We want something on the record to prove to us that he’s cognitively capable of doing this job.”

“And it’s almost a moot point at this stage because we all know he’s not,” he continued. “And the worrisome thing, Maria, is that our adversaries and our allies overseas know that as well. I was at the Munich security summit a couple of weeks ago, and I was astonished that I heard people from other countries mocking him and making fun of him. We are literally a laughingstock of the rest of the world right now. And this is a dangerous time for us to not have influence and respect overseas and not have a strong commander-in-chief and head of state. We have got powder kegs all over the place. We have got the Russia-Ukraine thing going on. We got China-Taiwan. We have North Korea. We have Iran.”

“There’s a lot of big issues that could potentially drag us into some big conflicts, even a world war,” Jackson added. “And this is the man that’s leading, so — or failing to lead. But it’s a dangerous situation. It’s a big national security risk. You have to have somebody that’s in this role that’s 100%. And there’s no way this man is even close to 100 percent. We will be lucky if this man is 50% right now of his cognitive ability that he needs to have to be our commander-in-chief. And so I think that the Democrats made a big mistake making him their nominee. And, unfortunately, now he’s our president, and we’re having to deal with it.”

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