GOP Rep. Mace: McCarthy Should Have Released January 6 Footage to ‘Every Outlet, Including CNN’

Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) should release the January 6 security footage to all media outlets.

Host Kaitlan Collins said, “The other thing Pence said last night was, he said, it mocks decency to portray what happened on January 6 as tourists sightseeing. Obviously, we saw that happen on Fox News last week after Kevin McCarthy gave them 40,000 hours of footage. You said you want other people to get the footage. Was it a mistake for him to give it to one outlet, for them to portray it as they did?”

Mace said, “I said early on last month that the release of the footage was important, that it should be released to every outlet, including CNN, every media outlet, every defense attorney, so the public can see for itself. There was violence on that day, you cannot deny that. It was a dark day in our history. So, too, was the summer of 2020. We saw very few arrests when there were attacks by an organization, members of Antifa, Black Lives Matter. I had my house spray painted, no one has been held to account. We have to make sure if there’s political violence in this country, no matter your affiliation, everybody is treated and should be treated the same way.”

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