CNN’s Jennings: Republicans Didn’t Make Hunter Biden into a ‘Complete Scumbag’

CNN’s senior political commentator and Republican political strategist Scott Jennings said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that it was not Republicans “who made Hunter Biden into a complete scumbag on this and other issues.”

Partial transcript as follows:

KASIE HUNT: But Scott Jennings, the President has made being a family man a central part of his political identity.

JENNINGS: It’s not Republicans, with all due respect, who made Hunter Biden into a complete scumbag on this and other issues. The ignoring his own daughter, for four years and the President of the United States hanging up a stocking for the dog and not for his seventh grandchild?

HUNT: We can also have sympathy for people who are struggling with addiction. Let’s keep this conversation respectful.

JENNINGS: Listen, I totally agree. And you know where I’m from a lot of families deal with addiction, and you know who ends up picking up the piece? The grandparents. And in this case, the grandparents would not acknowledge this little girl. It is offensive. But the bottom line is—

HUNT: But they have now.

JENNINGS: Oh, what a hero. The polling must have been brutal. The polling must have been brutal.

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