Scarborough: World Would ‘Spiral into World War III’ if Joe Biden Wasn’t President

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said Monday on his show “Morning Joe” that if  Joe Biden were not president, the world would “spiral into World War III.”

Scarborough said, “Claire, I’m so glad you talked about marketing because the crisis we’re going through right now where the world could really spiral into World War III, but it’s not because a guy who’s actually had 50 years of experience. It shows the contrast between a guy obsessed with marketing his brand, a guy obsessed with gestures, a guy who governed by gesture, versus, well, Joe Biden, who has 50 years of experience. And when a deal goes sideways on the hostages, he can pick up the phone, he can call, he can get it done.”

He continued, “When he meets with President Xi at a critical meeting, he can actually, they have experience. You know, they’ve got over a decade of experience working with each other when both of them were number two in their countries. Experience matters. And the contrast, it makes so angry when people are talking about, ‘Oh, Joe Biden, he’s out of it. He’s this,’ no, he’s not. On Joe Biden’s worst day he’s light years ahead of Donald Trump on policy, on politics, on diplomacy.”

Network contributor Claire McCaskill said, “Well, there’s no question about that. Frankly, on mental capabilities. you know, the ageism thing, look at the way Donald Trump behaves. Who is more unstable? Who is the one who doesn’t know where he is part of the time, doesn’t know who he is running against, doesn’t know what year it is, doesn’t know world leaders and what countries they’re from? It is really, if you isolate his comments and look at them objective objectively, he is the one who is suffering from a problem related to declining ability in later life, not Joe Biden.”

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