IDF: Hamas Broke Ceasefire by Firing Rockets ‘Directly Towards Civilians’

During an interview with CNN in the wake of the resumption of the fighting between Israel and Hamas, IDF Spokesperson Doron Spielman stated that Israel has started fighting Hamas because Hamas broke the truce between the parties by firing rockets at Israeli civilians.

Spielman said, “Well, around half an hour ago, sleeping Israelis, once again, woke up to the sound of the red siren of Hamas rockets falling at us once again from Gaza. Just like on October 7, it’s the same Hamas that attacked on October 7 with rockets, this morning, once again, they’re firing rockets at the Israeli population.”

He added, “So, there have been multiple rockets, they’ve been intercepted, which shows that Hamas has moved back into an attacking position. Amongst the Israeli people, we intercepted those rockets, thankfully. Otherwise, they could have fallen on communities, on cities, on kindergartens, again, we’re just now getting back to life after the tragedies of the last 55 days, children are going back to school here. It’s on Friday morning, and once again, we intercepted those and we’ve resumed our combat missions against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.”

Spielman further stated, “These were target[ed] directly towards civilians.”

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