CNN’s Avlon: Dems Need a Solution on ‘Out of Control’ Crime, Border and Shouldn’t Say What People See Isn’t Real

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” CNN host and Senior Political Analyst John Avlon stated that there is an “out of control” crime rise and it’s ridiculous since we figured out how to solve it in the 1990s and that while the issue isn’t unique to blue states, Democrats need to put forward solutions on crime and the border.

Avlon stated, “The rise of crime — and it’s getting better from the spike during COVID — but [it’s] out of control and it’s eroding people’s trust, right? The carjackings are up, that’s just one example. … We successfully brought down crime in this country beginning in the mid-1990s in part because of the crime bill that was passed –written in part by Joe Biden when he was a Senator, we seem to have forgotten a lot of those lessons and we’re on the back foot. And it’s one of the things it erodes trust and further polarizes — it just pisses me off. We know how to solve a lot of these problems. We’re not doing a good job.”

Avlon agreed with host Bill Maher that crime is just as bad in red states as it is in blue states and isn’t a partisan problem.

Later, he said, “Democrats and everyone should be doing more…focusing on how to solve a problem, not just on how to demagogue it to raise some more cash on the side.” And “Biden and the Democrats also need to play offense on issues where they’re on their back foot, crime, you could say that’s about perception too, although crime is really — things aren’t — the border. You’ve got to have solutions on these issues. Democrats need to play offense on crime and migrants, because if they’re always playing defense or trying to tell people they’re not seeing what they in their own lives for fear of offending some special interest group, you’re going to lose. Put forward a solution.”

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