Kennedy: Biden Is ‘Running Out of Toes to Shoot Off’ — ‘The Border Is Exhibit A’

During an appearance on FNC’s “Hannity,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) argued Americans were becoming more aware of the failures of the Biden administration despite efforts by the media to give President Joe Biden cover.

Kennedy told Fox News host Sean Hannity the lackluster handling of the border was evidence of it.

“How is it that a Democratic Party, you know they would — they would go after any conservative that held that position and fought for that position?” Hannity asked. “How come Joe Biden got a pass?”

“Well, I think most members of the media, not all, but most members of the media, have tried to help President Biden as much as they can,” Kennedy replied. “I know with many members of the media in my state that’s been the case, but as I said the other day, the American people are not stupid. But they think that Joe Biden is and there’s a lot of evidence for that.”

“He’s running out of toes to shoot off,” he added. “The border is exhibit A and as I’ve also said on your show before, the American people, they’re busy. They don’t have time to read Socrates every day. They’re busy earning living, but sooner or later, they figure it out and they have figured it out with respect to President Biden. His friends in the media not withstanding, and I think he’s going to have a rough election cycle.”
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