Cuellar: Biden Should Use Current Law to Quickly Deport People Now that Border Deal Is Dead

On Tuesday’s broadcast of NewsNation’s “The Hill,” Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) stated that while he wishes a border deal would pass in Congress, now that it’s not going to, President Joe Biden needs to use current law to do expedited deportations and publicize those removals.

Cuellar began by saying, “I find it very interesting that Republicans don’t want to do a border deal that they were talking about for so many months, but they still want to impeach the secretary for not doing his job. But again, Congress is not doing its job by passing a border deal. So, it’s putting the P of politics over the P of policy in the wrong place.”

Host Blake Burman then asked, “I wonder what you’ve told the White House now that the political reality is seemingly that nothing will get done as it relates to the southern border before the election. So, what have you told the White House, Congressman, and what do you think that President Biden needs to do from any sort of executive action front going forward?”

Cuellar responded, “Well, first of all, I think you need to look at the current law called Title VIII and do expedited removals. And when he does the expedited removals, he needs to publicize as much as possible, where he’s showing people being returned instead of showing people coming in. Actually, if you look at the numbers, Biden has already — has really deported more people than President Trump has. Yes, of course, there are bigger numbers, but he’s not showing that. So, I would use Title VIII, which is a current law, I would do expedited removals, and I would publicize people going back so the images would sink in other people’s, in other countries’ minds to show that we’re actually enforcing the law.”

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