DeSantis: New Florida Law Authorizes Release of Epstein Grand Jury Records

During Friday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) discussed a new law recently passed by the Florida Legislature that authorized the release of the Jeffrey Epstein grand jury files.

The law will go into effect on July 1.

“Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious death, that was what, nearly five years ago, obviously did nothing to put to rest the many, many questions about many misdeeds and a special plea deal that took place before your time as governor in Florida,” FNC host Sean Hannity said. “We could be a bit closer to some answers because you’re supporting legislation and you signed legislation that will allow for the release of the currently secret grand jury testimony from his original case in the state. Boy, from all the detail tells that I have read about this, wow, that had to be the plea deal of all plea deals.”

“Unbelievable what happened,” DeSantis replied. “And you know, this was involved in federal jurisdiction at the time and the feds worked to engineer this plea deal with the prosecutor in Palm Beach County, and this happened, you know, 15, 20 years ago. When I became governor we launched a criminal investigation and exactly what happened. How did he get this sweetheart deal? But what we ran into was grand jury secrecy laws. And that is true in Florida. If you testify in front of a grand jury, it’s secret, it’s got to be kept secret, and so, and then people tried to petition to get it released under some of the exceptions, and all those court cases failed.”

“So the Florida legislature passed legislation now which authorizes the release of all those grand jury files,” he continued. “And so, I signed it into law this week. That law will become effective on July 1. Finally, the public is going to be able to get answers, but we had a few of the they’re now women, they’re in their 30s, but they were teenagers. A lot of them I think were at the time and this has been something that stayed with them for decades and they never got any justice.”

“And so, now, we’re going to get more facts, and how is it, Sean, when you have so many people involved you have one person now, Ghislaine Maxwell, who’s in federal prison,” DeSantis added. “Nobody else has been held accountable since Epstein’s death, and I think every everybody knows that that is not right and there’s no way that nobody else was involved in this criminal activity.”

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