CNN’s Jennings: Trump Guilty Verdict ‘Going to Massively Backfire on the Democrats’

Thursday on CNN, following the announcement of a guilty verdict of former President Donald Trump on 34 counts by a Manhattan jury, CNN senior political contributor Scott Jennings predicted it would favor Republicans in the election cycle.

According to the former Bush administration official, the verdict would “massively backfire” on Democrats by galvanizing Republican support and encouraging fundraising.

“Well, if my phone and the text messages I’m receiving are any indication, every Republican in the country is matter in a wet hen,” he said. “I mean, people who are decidedly non-MAGA, not Trump fans are blowing up tonight saying this case never should have been brought, this is ridiculous charges. It was an egregious use of the criminal justice system. And I mean, I’m hearing people say I had no intention of voting for Donald Trump, and now I am. And then if you ask to Trump campaign, what’s happening?”

“You know, they literally broke their online donation portal because people were rushing to the internet to save their money in the minutes after the verdict,” Jennings added. “So I think there’s a real chance here. it’s going to massively backfire on the Democrats and helped Donald Trump.”

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