Doug Burgum: Trump Can Win This Race Regardless of Who His VP Pick Is

Governor Doug Burgum (R-ND) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that former President Donald Trump could win the November election no matter who his running mate is.

Guest host Kaitlan Collins said, “As I mentioned, you are one of Donald Trump’s top contenders to be vice president. I’ve heard from sources that really they believe it’s down to you and to Senator JD Vance of Ohio. Of course, the caveat Trump could could change his mind. But when you look at the ticket and we look at vice presidential selections in the past, Joe Biden helped Barack Obama with foreign policy inexperience. Mike Pence helped Donald Trump with Evangelicals, Kamala Harris, black voters, women voters for President Biden. What would you bring to a Trump tickets specifically?”

Burgum said, “Well I think we have to just look at the fact that President Trump can win this race regardless of who is vice president is he’s got the luxury of not having to pick someone. I think if we actually look in political history, the last time a vice-president pick actually helped swing an election was when Kennedy picked Lyndon Johnson and Lyndon Johnson help Kennedy win that race. And with President Trump, right now, where he is with Hispanics, with blacks, with people under age 30 and with independence. I mean, he’s very strong across the board. So he can pick someone that you can focus on like, ‘Hey, let’s, let’s get someone gets stuff done.’ Let’s get someone who helps him govern.”

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