WATCH: Two Brothers Arrested After Attacking Mother’s Killer in Courtroom

Two men who attacked their mother’s killer in a Mahoning County, Ohio, courtroom Thursday have been arrested.

Anthony Dees, 30, was reportedly next to his aunt as she prepared to give her victim impact statement when he jumped over a table and began attacking Dale Williams, 62, the man who allegedly killed his mother, Elizabeth Pledger.

Reports state that in 2017, Williams rammed his car into his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle and then shot her multiple times when she got out. Police arrived at the scene during the shooting and arrested Williams.

The night before the alleged murder, Pledger filed a police report claiming that Williams was angry with her and had recently threatened her.

Video footage shows three officers attempting to stop Dees, but he is able to break free and continue the attack. Two officers wrestle him to the floor after he grabs Williams’ leg, pulling him to the ground. Dees punches and kicks Williams repeatedly before he is handcuffed by the officers.

Dees’ younger brother, Jerome Stuart Dees, 23, attempts to join the brawl but is eventually subdued by an officer’s stun gun.

“He killed my mother, man,” Stuart Dees says as he is being handcuffed. “That was my mama; she took care of me, bro.”

Mahoning County Sheriff, Jerry Green, told reporters that Williams’ sentencing was rescheduled for Monday due to the incident. Reports state that he could face up to 23 years in prison.

Green said he understands that in a courtroom emotions can run high but said fighting is “completely unacceptable.”

Both of the brothers were charged with contempt of court, misdemeanor assault, and felony obstruction of official justice. They were sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Breitbart News reported a similar instance earlier this month when a man convicted of killing his infant son was attacked by a family member as he exited an Indiana courtroom following his sentencing.

The judge sentenced Jeremiah Matthew Hartley, the murdered child’s uncle, to 179 days in jail.


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