WATCH: Relative of Convicted Baby Killer Attacks Him Outside Courtroom

The relative of a man who killed his infant son was caught on camera attacking the convicted murderer outside an Indiana courtroom Wednesday.

Kwin Boes, 23, who was sentenced to 19 years in prison for killing his son using blunt force head trauma, was punched twice in the face by Jeremiah Matthew Hartley, the murdered child’s uncle.

“He’s going through some things. He’s upset anyway. That really upset him just to see him come out, I don’t know if he heard how much time he got or if he was just upset about his nephew. This is a horrible crime,” said three-month-old Parker Boes’s grandmother, Lisa Hartley.

The judge also ruled that Boes must cover all the costs of his son’s funeral expenses.

Video footage shows officers escorting Boes out of the courtroom in cuffs and chains when Hartley suddenly approaches and attacks the convict. Deputies quickly step in and escort Boes from the room while personnel on the floor nearby subdue Hartley.

“I ain’t even (expletive) fighting you guys,” Hartley reportedly said to deputies as they handcuffed him.

Reports state that after the attack, the same judge sentenced Hartley to 179 days in jail, and he now faces misdemeanor battery charges.

The family members of the deceased child said they wish more was done to Boes after what he did to his son.

“I wish that the defendant and the court could’ve been in my shoes and had seen what I’d seen. To see this small baby lie there and fight for his life,” said Mike Hartley, the child’s grandfather.

Lisa Hartley said the baby was a “sweetheart” and that he “smiled all the time.”

“My grandson’s not coming back ever,” she commented. “I don’t care what happens to Kwin. I don’t care what happens to him ever.”

The family told reporters Hartley’s arrest only makes an already difficult situation worse.


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