Louisiana Defense Attorney Requests Jury Who Would Overlook Face Tattoos

William Bottoms Jr.
EBRP Sheriff's Office

William Bottoms Jr.’s attorney, Jarvis Antwine, made a point of noting the alleged murderer’s facial tattoos during jury selection Monday in Louisiana.

Fearing they might judge his client prematurely due to his fearsome appearance, Antwine advised potential jurors that Bottoms’ tattoos were “the first thing you see with him.” Most of the jurors agreed not to pass judgment on the double-homicide suspect for the ink on his face.

Bottoms, 29, is charged with two counts of second-degree murder in the June 2017 killing of two men. Both were found dead in the back seat of a car, shot in the head and covered with a bedsheet. He will serve a mandatory life sentence if convicted. His own girlfriend, Megan Gaylord, will take the stand to testify for the prosecution.

Gaylord claims she and Bottoms used drugs with victims Dedrick Dewayne Williams, 23, and Mohamed Sead Hussain, 29. According to her, Bottoms slew them in a sudden fit of paranoia. Gaylord was originally charged as an accessory, but the East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney’s Office has since dropped the charges.

Bottoms joins his twin brother Lawrence Bottoms, who was convicted of fatally stabbing a teenager with a screwdriver. But Lawrence will not serve time — he was shot to death in April by Hancock County Sheriff’s deputies after pulling a gun on them when they attempted to serve a warrant for his arrest.


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