Dramatic 20 Percent Rise in Homicides in France

Newly released statistics from the French Interior Ministry have revealed a massive 20 percent increase in the French homicide rate compared to the period of 2014 to 2015.


Govt Stats: UK Knife Crime Highest on Record

There has been a 22 per cent surge in knife crime and an 11 per cent increase in gun crime, with offences “disproportionately concentrated in London” and other cities, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has said.

Two handcuffed 15-year old Venezuelan teenagers (L) await as police officers talk at a police station after being arrested for assault with a deadly weapon in the district of Sucre, Caracas on March 27, 2009. Crime, violence and insecurity are major issues in Venezuela, considered by NGO Venezuelan Violence Observatory …

Venezuela: Nearly 10,000 Minors Killed in 2016

Venezuela, home to the deadliest city in the world, experienced the homicides of nearly 10,000 underaged individuals in 2016, and 35 percent of homicide victims were under the age of 20.


Violent Crime Up 24 Per Cent in a Year

Violent crime in England and Wales has shot up by 24 per cent. In the 12 months to June, murder was up 20 per cent, knife crime 9 per cent, and gun crime surged 7 per cent, according to police recorded crime figures.

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Double Homicide Suspect Found Biting Off Pieces of a Victim’s Face

Police found a double homicide suspect in Florida biting off parts of a victim’s face Monday, Fox 31 reports. Martin County Sheriff’s Office was called to a home in Tequesta, FL by a neighbor who said he had been stabbed while trying to break

Sarah Montoya (LASD via KTLA)

Woman Kills Grandmother With Her Bare Hands

A 24-year-old woman “snapped” and strangled her 64-year-old grandmother — by whom she was raised, and with whom she lived on-and-off as an adult — to death with her bare hands.