Police: Woman Drugged and Put in Freezer by Cleveland Man Escapes

Eric Glaze
East Cleveland Police Department

Eric Glaze was arrested Tuesday after his alleged drugged captive escaped the freezer where he stashed her.

The 41-year-old Cleveland, Ohio, resident was taken into custody just hours after an as-yet unnamed female victim escaped his freezer. Glaze had allegedly drugged her and, thinking she was dead, stowed her in his freezer for later disposal.

After two days, his victim emerged with severe frostbite, but alive. The freezer was located in the same unregistered “group home,” which she had visited to attend a party days earlier. After escaping the house, she found a car and tried to drive for help, but crashed due to her poor condition. Police officers responding to the crash were the first to hear the harrowing tale.

“She came over here on her own volition and essentially, she was administered some sort of narcotic, according to her,” East Cleveland Police Captain Scott Gardner told FOX 8. “She’s not exactly certain of the events, that happened in between, but she woke up and she was in a freezer that was running.”

The victim claims more than just Glaze was involved in her alleged abduction and attempted murder. “She seems to think that they were, that they had drugged her to the capacity that she was dead, is what she was indicating to us, and that they were essentially trying to get rid of her,” Gardner said.

The woman is now safely recovering in a local hospital while Cleveland law enforcement investigates. Thus far, any motive for the crimes remains unclear. She does not remember being sexually assaulted, but a “rape kit” is being administered in case she was assaulted while unconscious.


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