Cop Alleges Police Chief Offered Promotion in Exchange for Sex with Wife

Vineland police chief
Vineland Police Department

A New Jersey police chief has been accused of offering a promotion to an officer in exchange for sex with the officer’s wife and daughter, reports said.

The officer alleged that Vineland Police Chief Rudy Beu made the comment at a sports bar in Philadelphia in April 2017. A complaint was filed against Beu with the city solicitor, but the officer claims nothing has been done about the alleged harassment.

However, Beu said the complaint was made in retaliation against him but declined to comment further on the accusation.

“Although I am not at liberty to make any specific comments, I can tell you that there are two sides to every story,” Beu told reporters. “This is a retaliatory action taken against myself and certain command staff members for reasons I cannot discuss at this time.”

The unnamed officer claimed that during the meeting at the bar, Beu said he would promote him if he allowed him to go home with his wife and asked what assets she had while pointing to her body.

“She felt very uncomfortable, and that is when she walked away,” the officer said.

A few days later, the officer alleges that Beu made similar comments about his daughter, who was under 13 at the time.

“As I go out the door, he says ‘How about your daughter?’ and he starts laughing,” he recalled. The officer also claimed Beu yelled at his children, saying their father was getting a promotion as they sat inside the officer’s parked vehicle.

Craig Scarpa, president of the Vineland PBA Local 266 union, said the officer did the right thing by filing a complaint.

“(The comments) were absolutely unprofessional and if it happened the way officer said it happened, it is illegal,” Scarpa commented. “I have no reason to believe that it did not happen that way because I have seen and witnessed Mr. Beu be untruthful too many times.”

Beu was sworn in as Vineland Chief of Police in 2016 and has been married to his wife for 34 years, according to the department’s website.

The police chief said he sent the complaint to prosecutors and “demanded that we all be investigated, myself included,” according to the New York Post.


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