New Jersey

‘Bruce Springsteen Day’ Officially Proclaimed in New Jersey

The awards, plaudits, public acclamations, and back slaps keep coming for Bruce Springsteen. Just weeks after President Joe Biden hosted the National Humanities Medals and the National Medal of Arts awards with the multi-millionaire rocker to the fore comes yet another  tribute.

bruce springsteen

New Jersey Woman Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison over $400,000 Viral GoFundMe Scam

A New Jersey woman has been sentenced to three years in state prison for her part in scamming over $400,000 from GoFundMe donors. The scam went viral based on the promise the money would be donated to a homeless man who gave her his last $20. The woman and her boyfriend planned to use the funds to buy a BMW, takes trips, and make other extravagant purchases.

The Associated Press