Convict Arrested for Allegedly Raping Amish Woman in Her Own Home

amish woman garden home
Sydney Rae/Unsplash

A recently released convict has been arrested for allegedly raping an Amish woman in Indiana, reports said.

In March of 2006, Michael Middaugh, 49, was convicted for child molestation and spent 13 years in prison. However, after he was released earlier this year, he failed to register as a sex offender in Elkhart County where a warrant was issued for his arrest in July.

On August 28, reports said Middaugh allegedly drove to a house in Marshall County where an Amish woman lived with her family. The housewife was reportedly at home alone with her two-year-old child when he arrived.

Marshall County Prosecutor E. Nelson Chipman said Middaugh then allegedly approached the home to ask for directions.

“He stated through the door that he was lost and needed directions to Wakarusa,” Chipman commented.

Authorities said Middaugh then asked for them to be written down, and when the woman returned with the directions he allegedly shoved her face against the wall and held a knife to her throat.

Reports said the convict placed zip ties on the woman and forced her into the bedroom where he allegedly sexually assaulted her. Middaugh is also accused of forcing her to give him money out of her son’s and husband’s wallets before he left the home.

When the victim alerted police to the alleged crime, she was taken to a nearby hospital and given a medical evaluation and sexual assault examination.

On August 29, documents said police showed the victim a photo array of suspects, she identified Middaugh as alleged perpetrator.

The woman said with “complete certainty that she would never forget his face,” according to reports.

The Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office had shared Middaugh’s picture and information on social media asking for the public’s help in locating him.

However, police apprehended Middaugh on August 30 and he is currently being held at the Elkhart County Jail. He is listed on the sheriff’s office registry as a “sexually violent predator.”

Middaugh’s bond has been set at $200,000, according to reports.


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