WATCH: Mom Sends Suspects Running After Attempted Home Invasion

A brave mom scared away two masked men who kicked in her front door on Wednesday morning in Pleasanton, California.

Andrea Leggett told reporters she was taking a shower upstairs when the suspects approached her home and knocked. When no one answered, they began trying to kick in the door.

Leggett said her son was downstairs waiting for a ride to school when the terrifying incident occurred.

“I didn’t know what it was. Half the house was shaking because of the way they were trying to force themselves inside the house,” she recalled.

Surveillance footage taken from the Leggett’s front porch shows the two men, both wearing what appear to be red bandanas on their faces as they take turns running up and throwing themselves on the door.

Leggett said that when she heard her dogs barking and the loud pounding noise, she quickly grabbed a towel to go downstairs and investigate.

“My son ran up the stairs right before they broke in the door, and I wrapped myself in a towel. He was looking at me, and goes, ‘Mom, I don’t know what’s going on,’” she told reporters.

Leggett reached the bottom of the stairs just as the door burst open. However, the mother began screaming as she watched one of the men try to enter her home, sending both of them running.

“I was yelling at the top of my lungs, and I think that scared them. And thankfully I was yelling my husband’s name, and I think because of that they ran, because I scared the crap out of them,” she said.

Her husband, Darren Leggett, said he had just left the house to take their eldest son to school when the men approached their home.

“When they saw me pull out to take my oldest to (school), they thought, ‘Oh. They are gone. No one is there.’ It’s an empty driveway,” he explained.

He added that he believes the attempted break-in was a new occurrence in their neighborhood.

“To kick the door in, that’s pretty wild. I don’t think that’s ever happened in Pleasanton, that’s pretty weird. That’s something out of a movie,” he said.

Andrea Leggett said after the suspects fled the scene in a car, she called her husband and also dialed 911. Reports said neighbors saw the two men casing the area earlier that morning and that police are currently investigating several leads.

Her husband told reporters that he is sure his wife would make it hard for the suspects to get away with anything had they entered the house.

“I wouldn’t want to mess with my wife,” he commented.


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