WATCH: Shots Fired After Car Forced Off Road in Massachusetts

Police in Canton, Massachusetts, are searching for individuals allegedly involved in a car crash and shooting that happened Sunday on Route 138.

Reporter Jason Law shared video footage Wednesday of a blue car closely following a grey car. Moments later, the grey vehicle spins out in the road and the blue car veers off to the left:

When the grey car stopped, a person wearing dark clothing exited the vehicle and appeared to open fire on the blue vehicle as it drove away.

“My initial thought when I saw it honestly was I was disgusted,” Canton Police Chief Ken Berkowitz told CBS Boston, adding that one vehicle was found a short time after the incident, abandoned with multiple bullet holes visible.

The second car was located the following morning and officials took evidence from both cars. However, they do not believe anyone was hurt during the altercation.

The police chief said it appeared the individuals involved knew each other.

“We don’t believe it was road rage,” he explained. “The parties knew each other and it was intended.”

“But it’s equally as brazen and disturbing — yeah, they might have known each other and had a feud or whatever and everyone else around them doesn’t matter,” Berkowitz told WCVB.

He also said it was amazing no bystanders were caught in the gunfire or the car crash.

“138 is a busy road,” he continued, “your family, my family, anybody could’ve been walking.”

The chief said it was only a matter of time before the people involved are found, and he urged them to turn themselves in to law enforcement.

“We’re pretty sure we know who you are. Save us the mileage on the trip to come get you,” he stated.

Boston 25 News reported both cars were rentals with New York license plates, adding that the investigation is ongoing.


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