Police: Men with Guns Claim the Other Was Kidnapping Them After Car Flips

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Police in Nicholasville, Kentucky, are investigating an unusual incident Monday when a car flipped over on a restaurant patio.

Two men were hurt and claimed they were being kidnapped by the other person, WTVQ reported.

The incident took place at approximately 2:10 p.m. when a Ford Fusion made a sharp turn off East Main Street, entering a Wendy’s parking lot. However, the driver lost control and the car overturned, landing on the patio, officers explained.

The WTVQ article continued:

The driver jumped out waving two guns, yelling the driver was trying to get him. He stashed two guns in bushes near the restaurant but witnesses were able to point them out to officers who arrived quickly. When the driver was able to get out, he claimed the passenger was kidnapping him and speeding up was the only way he thought he could get free, according to what witnesses told police and what the man later told officers. The two men are “acquaintances,” police said.

The men were transported to a local hospital for treatment and were still at the facility later in the afternoon.

LEX 18 shared a photo of the upside-down vehicle outside the restaurant:

THE LATEST: A car crashes and flips outside of a Nicholasville Wendy's, and both the driver and the passenger involved claim they were kidnapped by the other.

Posted by LEX 18 on Monday, February 7, 2022

Meanwhile, social media user Debbie Oxendine Collins said she was enjoying a meal at the Wendy’s when the incident happened.

“I think the scariest part was when I ran out to help and a guy climbed out of the mangled mess with a gun in his hand yelling, ‘he’s trying to kill me’ while looking back at the car,” she wrote:

Late lunch at Wendy’s today. This is what happened right outside the window on the patio. I think the scariest part was…

Posted by Debbie Oxendine Collins on Monday, February 7, 2022

“He then took off running away from the scene. I went towards the car. When I got almost to the opened door another guy crawled out with a gun. Everyone outside took off running. I went back inside telling them to lock the doors and call the police,” she added.

Collins’ followers expressed their concern, one person writing, “Thankful that you and others are safe.”


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