Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Member Arrested for Public Masturbation

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence show their support during the gay pride parade in West
AP Photo/Richard Vogel

A member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, an anti-Catholic drag queen group recently honored by the Los Angeles Dodgers, was reportedly arrested last month for public masturbation.

A copy of the sheriff’s office report obtained by the Daily Wire showed that 53-year-old Clinton Monroe Ellis-Gilmore was arrested this past August at Table Bluff County Park in Loleta, California, after passersby noticed him openly masturbating in his car for over an hour. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department said in the report that he had been “exposing himself in the driver’s seat of a parked vehicle.”

“According to numerous witnesses, Ellis-Gilmore had been at that location for approximately one hour, sitting in his truck with the door open, masturbating,” said the sheriff’s report. “The conduct does not appear to have been directed at anyone in particular.”

Ellis-Gilmore was not performing this alleged act in the dark of night, with the sheriff’s report noting that he had over an hour of daylight left. The alleged act also took place near a park that Google lists as being “good for kids” and a place for “kid-friendly hikes.”

Randy Fleek, an alleged witness who spoke with deputies, told the Daily Wire that Ellis-Gilmore had his car door open and that he wanted people to see him “playing with himself.”

“Well this is fucked up,” Fleek told the outlet. “It’s obvious. You cannot help but see this guy, he’s not hiding it. He wants everyone to see what he’s doing.”

“There’s something wrong with that man. He’s got a weird fucking desire to show off to the public, to anybody that wants to look at him,” Fleek added. “He puts himself in a position and in a spot that you can’t help but look at the son of a bitch.”

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh also noted on the platform X, formerly known as Twitter, that Ellis-Gillmore had previously been welcome to read to children at an elementary school.

The Los Angeles Dodgers engendered tremendous backlash this past summer when the team invited the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to Pride Night, angering its Catholic and Christian fans. After initially rescinding the invite, the Dodgers caved and reinvited the group.

The California legislature later honored the group.

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