Trump Says U.S. Will Tax French Wine in Retaliation for Taxes on U.S. Tech Companies

PARIS, FRANCE - JULY 13: French President Emmanuel Macron welcomes US President Donald Trump prior to a meeting at the Elysee Presidential Palace on July 13, 2017 in Paris, France. As part of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the entry of the United States of America into World …
Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images

President Donald Trump said the U.S.would retaliate with tariffs or taxes on French products after France imposed a new tax on U.S. tech companies such as Google and Amazon.

“France just put a digital tax on our great American technology companies,” Mr. Trump said on Friday. “If anybody taxes them, it should be their home Country, the USA. We will announce a substantial reciprocal action on Macron’s foolishness shortly. I’ve always said American wine is better than French wine!”

Speaking to reporters in the Oval Office, Trump said he was likely to impose a tariff on French wine but could also tax other French products.

“I’ve always like American wine better anyway,” Trump said. “I don’t drink wine but I like the way it looks.”

Trump said he had spoken to French president Emmanuel Macron on Friday afternoon and told him the new French law was wrong.

“The United States is extremely disappointed by France’s decision to adopt a digital-services tax at the expense of U.S. companies and workers,” a White House spokesman said in a statement. “France’s unilateral measure appears to target innovative U.S. technology firms that provide services in distinct sectors of the economy.”



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