‘Talmudic Grape’ Resurrected to Make New Line of Wine

JERUSALEM – An Israeli winemaker is turning a nearly extinct variety of grape into wine that was last consumed in the era of the bible, ISRAEL21c reported.  Using 3D and DNA analysis, Marawi grapes were found to be the same


Climate Change Is Good News For English Wine

While climate change menaces vineyards in southern Europe, English winemakers are raising a toast to warming weather as it improves their wines and has helped revive an ancient tradition. “Climate change is benefitting us a lot,” said Chris Foss, head

English wine vineyard

Pope Francis Receives Diploma as Honorary ‘Sommelier’

On Wednesday, Pope Francis denied rumors that he is a teetotaler, drinking only mate tea, an herbal infusion typical of certain Latin American countries. “I’m not a teetotaler,” he said. “I drink a little wine from Italy and other countries from around the world. But just a little.” The Pope’s grandfather, in fact, was winemaker of Piedmontese origin.


Pope to Canonize California’s ‘Founding Father’

In a surprise announcement on his plane trip to Manila Thursday, Pope Francis said that he is planning to canonize the founder of California’s first missions and the father of the California wine industry when he visits the US next fall.