Woke Apple Will Try Again to Get Employees to Return to Office After Being Called Racist for Last Attempt

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks with attendees during an Apple (JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images)product launch event at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California on September 10, 2019. - Apple unveiled its iPhone 11 models Tuesday, touting upgraded, ultra-wide cameras as it updated its popular smartphone lineup and cut its entry price to …

Apple will attempt to get its employees to go back into the office after trying for over a year to no avail. This time, the company has set a September 5 deadline for corporate employees to be in the office at least three days a week. Last time the woke giant attempted to get its workers back into the office, it was branded as racist for trying.

Apple says it will now require its corporate employees to work from the office on Tuesdays, Thursdays, as well as a third day during the week that will later be determined by individual teams, according to a report by Bloomberg News.

The logo of Apple is illuminated at a store in the city center in Munich, Germany, Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2020. Apple’s profit slipped during the past quarter of 2022, but the world’s largest technology company fared better than many of its peers. (AP Photo/Matthias Schrader, File)

 (AP Photo/Matthias Schrader, File)

Tim _Apple_ Cook testifying via TV (Pool/Getty)

The company’s original plan was to have its corporate employees return to the office on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, but it failed to accomplish this goal.

In May, Apple was even deemed racist for making such a request, as a group of Apple employees, who called themselves “Apple Together,” condemned the company’s decision to bring staffers back into the office, claiming that such a demand is actually an attempt to make the workforce “younger, whiter, and male-dominated.”

The group’s letter reads in part:

Apple will likely always find people willing to work here, but our current policies requiring everyone to relocate to the office their team happens to be based in, and being in the office at least 3 fixed days of the week, will change the makeup of our workforce. It will make Apple younger, whiter, more male-dominated, more neuro-normative, more able-bodied, in short, it will lead to privileges deciding who can work for Apple, not who’d be the best fit.

Privileges like “being born in the the right place so you don’t have to relocate”, or “being young enough to start a new life in a new city/country” or “having a stay-at-home spouse who will move with you”. And privileges like being born into a gender that society doesn’t expect the majority of care-work from, so it’s easy to disappear into an office all day, without doing your fair share of unpaid work in society. Or being rich enough to pay others to do your care-work for you.

The tech giant, which has been trying to get its employees back into the office since at least June 2021, is going to try again — and is even dropping its mask mandate in common areas of its offices.

Only time will tell if Apple becomes successful in its latest attempt to get back to a traditional working environment.

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