Ortiz: Inflation Reduction Act Media Tour Won’t Ease Economic Turmoil for Ordinary Americans

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Alfredo Ortiz of Job Creators Network writes in THE HILL that President Joe Biden isn’t fooling anyone with his so-called Inflation Reduction Act. Americans know the massive spending bill will do no such thing:

The reports of President Biden’s resurgence are greatly exaggerated. On Tuesday, Biden signed into law the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, which the media are touting as a significant “Biden victory.” The press celebration is just the culmination of a broader public relations effort claiming the Biden presidency is gaining “momentum.”

. . .

Biden and the media are trying to gaslight Americans about the inflation crisis. Biden ridiculously claimed last week that inflation is “zero” because it didn’t get even worse in July. The silence of the countless media “fact-checkers” in response to this assertion is deafening.

. . .

Only 12 percent of Americans think the bill will actually reduce inflation; 36 percent think it will increase it. Recognizing that the American people are not buying the claim that this legislation will reduce inflation, the media are changing its name to the “climate and health care bill.”

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