ROUND ROCK, Tex. — Adam and Tahnya Gaston arrived in this Austin suburb in June with a toddler, a dog and enough money for a down payment. But within days they scrapped their plans for buying a house, deterred by soaring home prices and rising mortgage rates. Instead, they’re paying $4,000 a month to lease a three-story house in a new development aimed squarely at renters.

It’s one of thousands of “build-to-rent” developments springing up around the country, billed as an attainable route to single-family homes and front yards at a time when homeownership is increasingly out of reach. Developers are expected to add 105,000 homes in such communities this year, and 50 percent more by 2025, according to real estate consulting firm Hunter Housing Economics.

“We fit the demographic of people who, five years ago, would’ve bought a huge house in the suburbs,” Adam Gaston told the Post. “But now prices are crazy, and we’re making different decisions.”