Private Schools Across America Partner with Organization that Encourages Child Transgenderism

HOUSTON, TEXAS - AUGUST 23: An instructor leads a classroom discussion at the Xavier Acade
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The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) hosted an online professional development conference in partnership with Gender Spectrum, a leftwing organization that encourages child transgenderism and even partners with surgeons who perform sex change operations on children.

The NAIS, which is responsible for the accreditation of over 1,800 private schools across America, hosted a five-day conference titled the Inclusive Schools Network Institute in conjunction with Gender Spectrum, an organization that pushes transgenderism on children and advances leftwing beliefs on gender in K-12 classrooms. 

The conference, archived here, seeks to offer “effective ways to address the increasing gender diversity across the K-12 experience,” also explaining that the conference is intended for heads of schools, teachers, “diversity and equity professionals,” curriculum specialists, and other administrative staff at K-12 schools. “The institute also recognizes the nature of gender and its intersections with power, identity, and other dynamics,” according to the conference description. 

The conference, which costs as much as $2,025 to attend, will cover “dimensions of gender, key terminology, and the spectrum framework for gender” as well as a “half-day workshop on gender at the intersection of race, power, and identity.”

Gender Spectrum, which the NAIS calls “a national leader in creating gender-sensitive and positively responsive environments” and is facilitating the conference, promotes books like “The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals” under their Educator Resources. Among the other books are “The Transgender Teen” and “The Gender Creative Child.” 

Gender Spectrum hosts discussion groups specifically intended for minors, such as their “Pre-Teen Discussion Group” which is “open to trans, nonbinary and gender expansive youth ages 11-12.” Another group is called the  the “Black Trans and Non-Binary Teen Online Discussion Group.” The group mixes minors and adults and is open to those between the ages of 13 and 19.

In conjunction with their work aimed at young children, Gender Spectrum also provides information about surgeries such as mastectomies, vaginoplasties, and even operations that alter individuals’ facial structure in order to make them appear more or less feminine and masculine. These events are all part of a series on what the organization refers to as “gender affirming surgeries.”

The leftwing organization even directly partners with Align Surgical Associates, a group of surgeons that offers what they refer to as “gender confirmation surgery.” Align Surgery Associates mentions “young trans patients” and “guardians” on their website, indicating that they operate on minors. Additionally, Gender Spectrum partners with the Gender Confirmation Center, which also operates on minors.

The conference will be facilitated by Joel Baum and Carla Pena of Gender Spectrum, as well as Caroline Blackwell, the NAIS vice president of equity and justice and Tony Hernandez, the NAIS project and training manager of equity and justice.

Breitbart News previously revealed that the NAIS had adopted “queer inclusive” curriculum, with transgender ideology being taught to students in pre-kindergarten. Footage from a teacher training lecturer telling her audience that she discussed female anatomy, in detail, with children in pre-K.

The purpose of the training was to instruct teachers on how to discuss “gender, and sexuality, and identity” with students from pre-K to grade 8. One presentation featured the “gender unicorn” graphic, which is used to assert that sex and gender are distinct. A lecturer at the conference also derided parents who engage in “Puritan speak,” citing examples such as “what if my child isn’t ready,” “that’s my job,” and even “they’re too young to know that.”

The NAIS did not respond to a request for comment.

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