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Hilton Hotels to Support ‘Queer Formals’ for Teens

Hilton, an international hospitality company based in Tysons Corner, Virginia, is teaming up with an LGBTQ activist to host “Queer Formals” for minors through an organization called “Minus18.” 

A Progress Pride flag and a Bear flag are pictured above a Soho street on 12 November 2022 in London, United Kingdom. The Progress Pride flag also represents transgender people, marginalised people of colour and those lost to or living with HIV/AIDS. The International Bear Brotherhood Flag, or Bear flag, …

Kentucky House Passes Bill Banning Child Sex Change Attempts

The Kentucky House of Representatives has passed a bill that would prohibit healthcare professionals from using medical interventions like puberty blockers or sex change operations on minors who identify as transgender.

Kid finding out how to dress up the hospital gown - stock photo