Acceptable Hate Mongering?


Yeah-I think I get it? If you’re a media personality of mediocre talent and dubious intelligence like…uh…gee, there’s so many to choose from? Oh, I know, let’s go with Janeane Garofalo now that she’s decided to be a spokesperson for the party of “love, openness and diversity” again. Anyway, apart from proving you’re not smart enough to keep your mouth shut, what happens if you’re a media personality of mediocre talent and dubious intelligence and you openly preach the most vile form of inflammatory hatred towards an entire group/race of people in today’s politically correct climate?

You get a pass and high-fives from the MSM of course, but why?

The answer is complicated but I did cover one of the reasons in my “Formula for Hate” piece in one sentence: “Politically, it’s ok to hate the white man!”

Talent is questionable, what is not in question about her and far too many of these so called “artists” is their ability to memorize lines and, quite frankly, how hard is that? That is why I have no problem questioning Garofalo’s much touted intelligence, or was that just Bill O’Reilly doing that? Why some hosts feel the need to pander to these dishonest people is beyond me, just get on with the interview and be done with it! She has offered no proof to back up her statements, unless prepared hate speech rhetoric that goes unchallenged by other geniuses, like Olbermann, is proof of that.

Yeah, she kinda/sorta looks and sounds smart in an MSNBC cool kids on the same block kind of way, but how would she do without the approving nods from the yes men she seeks out who would gladly get on their hands and knees to provide her a soapbox to climb onto from where up high she can preach to the choir? It’s easy to look and “act” smart when you recite your lines in front of like-minded followers knowing full well that no one in the room will question your words! Wow, isn’t it inspiring how courageous these traitors to the truth are? What’s worse: the bold-faced lies they tell or the fact that some of these intellectuals believe this stuff? I know which one is more pathetic but either way, they must be called out on it every single time from now on. There is no statute of limitations on hatred, she does not get a free pass because the moment has passed.

I happen to know a few people who attended those tea parties and without reservation I can say that they are the furthest thing from ignorant redneck extremist racists that I can think of. This Garofalo has made this personal and you don’t get to “move on” as far as I’m concerned. If she’s considered talented, then I have a young tea party attendee and artist friend who is obviously a freaking genius when compared to the likes of her and she can easily wipe the floor with her in a debate about politics, culture and the arts. I think it would be very clear who the ignorant bigot would be in that encounter.

Come to think of it, since you mentioned someone else by name, Janeane, why don’t you step up to the plate and have a one on one with Michelle Malkin without a liberal moderator and a liberal audience stacking the deck and see who is more informed about the Constitution, The Boston Tea party, taxes, immigration, civil rights, politics, racism, history, congress, the law…you name it! No moderator, no time limit, no crib notes and no interrupting the other as they speak. Well, to that end, there would have to be some kind of guideline about give and take considering the provable fact that liberals love to use their weapon of choice-debatus interruptus. They can’t help themselves, they do it constantly and speak longer while saying less knowing full well the conservative penchant for being courteous, even when it’s to their own disadvantage. To that I say, conservative talk show-ups, it’s time to get a pair and stop letting Ann Coulter (thank you) do all the heavy lifting. Your need to look and sound fair is getting in the way of doing what you’re supposed to do, which is get the message out and prove these lemmings to be the uninformed “lying liars” they are, especially when they lie to your face. That’s their job and apparently they deserve a raise while you deserve to be replaced…”you’re fired!”

LIARS!!! Try it…say it out loud! I am tired of you talking heads going on these television debates just to sit there while these people make you look like fools because you don’t want to appear unkind. “How’s that working for you?” There is too much to lose and the fact that most self described liberals seem to be unaware of it because they can’t think for themselves is more the reason to state the facts and let the people decide who is telling the truth. After all, it’s easy enough for anyone listening to do some research and find out, but they won’t even know to try if you don’t give them a reason to. Don’t waste those valuable opportunities by trying to be decent to people who couldn’t care less about decency, reason, discourse, the truth or us, the “little guys” they so profess their love and care for! These people are on a mission and they’ve been winning for so long now that they are delusional and don’t care about appearances anymore, especially now that they are in fact in charge of appearances. Right or wrong, their agenda and therefore their message is all that matters to them and you’re on the front lines and close to being the only thing standing between them and the truth. This is not about converting those angry old never worked a day in their lives upper middle class entitled career students/educators/politico’s and their militant left wing strong arm wannabes.

This is about giving an informed “choice” to all the young people who are starting to watch, listen and learn because their lives are being affected by the political going-ons in this country and the rest of the world. Give them the chance to learn and participate, don’t let these cowards of discourse win fourteen out of every fifteen rounds you go with them because you don’t want to come off as unreasonable or worse…”not very nice!” Rope-a-dope tactics clearly aren’t working for you, give it up while there is still more then enough of us to keep this fight alive in this great nation with all the liberties we have enjoyed for over two hundred years. We cannot afford to lose this fight because our elected officials will not stand up to bullies. Do you really want to wake up some day and say, “If only I had…?”

What are you gonna do then? By that time the fight will seem like it was lost a long, long time ago and my kids will be grown up and living in what will feel like some distant galaxy compared to the beautiful (yes, we have are faults) country I grew up in and all because somewhere along the way Americans forgot where they came from and what made this the greatest nation on earth (ever) and lost it in less time then anyone could have imagined. Whether you are religious or not, something divine happened here when those great men convened and drew up the Constitution of the United States of America and it’s time to fight to preserve it just like they fought and died to make it possible. It is timeless and so dead on that only power hungry bottom feeders would need to reinterpret it because in the real world, they would get their asses kicked every time. These people are incapable of winning on an even playing field, can you say Air America, so they must “CHANGE” the rules and “yes we can” stop them.

What they have learned well is that if they promise enough sheeple that they can have everything everyone else has without the struggle and hard work, they will get their votes and they (Franken) can steal the rest. Then they can change the laws and what the ignorant voters don’t understand is that when their saviors are in charge that nothing (their promises) or no one (people who voted for them) matter any longer. They never did!


Nothing else matters but power, just look at Hugo Chavez, los Castro’s, Kim Jong-il, the puppet masters who pull Mahmoud Ahmadejinad’s strings and their mentors: Hussein, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and numerous others, all of them recent history. Haven’t we learned yet? Instead, today’s mouth pieces spend their time and energy focusing on pointing out the absolute evil that is/was Bush because it works, the uninformed bought it. Did you notice what happened to the “monster” that was Bush? He graciously put aside his plans for world domination and then passed the baton to the opposition in a post election ceremony…hmmm? “Only in America” could that happen. That just proves that this is still the one place on earth where that kind of freedom of speech (so far) is still not only tolerated but defended by all of us who are aware that everyone, no matter how ridiculous, vile, inflammatory or stupid they may sound, should be able to speak their mind. It’s the only safe solution to a serious problem and there are laws on the books for those who cross the line from trash talk to violence.

However, since there seems to be an argument from the left about who should be allowed to practice free speech, let me say that the freedom to speak your mind doesn’t mean that those who disagree with you should shut up, go away and/or die. Ya wanna be stupid and hateful in public, go ahead, but the days of media whores slipping away afterwards and the double standard where they try to outlaw (Fairness Doctrine) that freedom from those who disagree with them is over. Although not related directly to the current re-emergence by the democrats to shut down talk radio (for now, who’s next?) through nefarious means, the Dixie Chicks are a good example of what I mean.

Remember them? The lie that they were “victims” of censorship was laughable considering they loudly complained about their loss of free speech in every major magazine, newspaper, television show, news network, radio station, music venue, awards ceremony, mini-mall and gas station in this country and around the world. All this free publicity came about because in their effort to be liked even more in front of an audience in England, one of them spoke her truth (feelings) and water cooler wisdom on Bush. Fine, that’s her right. In turn, their (up to the moment they got wind of this) fans in the good ‘ole USA responded with their own truth and their pocketbooks and suddenly it was an issue about censorship and they (the Chicks) became victims. Cry me a pop/rock/country song! I’d also like to say that in all of the interviews they gave I never once heard a single informed remark by these chicks in defense of their views. It would become the “Bush is stupid and I should know” syndrome, which seemed to be the pandemic of the time.

What is happening is that we have the majority of all media virtually in lock step with the democratic party and a republican party that acts like being demonized by the media for speaking their mind is a new weapon. It seems they have not noticed that this modus operandi has been going on for several decades and their pathetically slow reaction has cost them and more significantly, their constituents a lot of ground while the democrats (hypocrites) get away with calling the republicans the control freaks. Oh, and these liberal politicians are so nice about it, aren’t they? Promising to save everyone from those mean old nasty rich (dems are richer) status quo (again, dems) white (ditto) power hungry (yeah, I know) political devils with equal opportunity, freedom of speech, the pursuit of happiness…wait a minute, isn’t that what the Constitution is all about…who needs any of them?

The liberal progressives or “make ’em do it our way” party is actually promising a utopia in a world that they themselves have painted as full of humans who are incapable of caring for their fellow man because it’s the nature of the beast (no evolution there) and there’s nothing that can be done about that! They say that on one talk show when it’s convenient and then go right next door to another studio and tell everyone there how with them in charge we can all be one big loving family (instant evolution) and live happily ever after. “Yes We Can” and all you have to do is vote for them! I’ll vote for them when one of them can tell me one place and time that anything like socialism, communism, nepotism (ok, that one works), togetherism or any other ‘ism has ever worked out? Just once? The only ‘ism that benefits others is individualism…you can’t help others if you can’t take care of yourself!

Sadly, enough people are falling for this bread and circuses campaign while they go about their busy Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and Obama worship and text messaging days while fearing the latest MSM distraction from the real dangers (the loss of our sovereignty) as they fill up on change, hope and unity ramblings from politicians who have done very little in over two hundred years to truly make a difference. Nothing has ever worked better then allowing people (individuals) the ability to make it on their own terms, to keep their earnings for themselves and their families and to share it with their neighbors as they see fit, not as some government employee sees fit.

With some obvious exceptions, like the civil rights movement, not a whole lot has changed for the better recently and it’s gotten worse in the last one hundred plus days now. It’s time for those of us who are awake to take this fight anywhere, anytime and “by any (peaceful) means necessary” so long as those who would put their hands on us control themselves. But make no mistake, we will not be intimidated by the ramblings of flavor of the day celebrities or by the fear mongering of those in power. This is our country, not a select fews and we will not go quietly into the night!

This is not only “A Call to Artists” or conservatives, liberals, libertarians, independents, moderates or others who think they already have a dog in the fight but want better then this constant in-fighting, but a call to all of us who love diversity as it already exists in the world and that will surely disappear if anything that reeks of “one world” dogma takes hold and the freedoms already given to us by our founding fathers slip away. It is our duty to pass onto our children what has finally worked and is already ours, not what has failed repeatedly throughout history!


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