VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez Calls Sarah Palin 'B*tch'

[youtube hdkNYVW5a6Y nolink]

As always, there’s stiff competition, but based on this performance Jennifer Lopez might have just sewn up the 2010 trophy for Female Performer Who Finds Herself Incredibly Adorable.

The “bitch” line is what Lopez says in Spanish under her breath. MTV calls this moment a “highlight“:

The highlight came early, when she referred to former Alaska governor and new Fox News contributor Sarah Palin as “la cabrona,” which is slang for “bitch.”

Fox News interprets the line as “crazy bitch.”

Either way, Lopez is looking for her comeback and there’s no trashier, cheaper, faster or more effective way to impress the Hollywood Frat House crowd than to call the mother of five children a “bitch” on a nationwide cable channel.

Pathetic Subtext Translator: “I’m one of you!! I’m one of you!! Let me back in!!”


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