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Best of 'The Stage Right Show': Feb 1 – Feb 5


On this week’s highlight show, we start with the hilarious”feud” between Andrew Breitbart and “TV’s Andy Levy” from Fox News’ “Red Eye” that began on Twitter and ended up on “The Stage Right Show.” They were arguing about Ben Shapiro’s Top Ten Most Over Rated Directors list which drove Andy Levy over the edge.


Next, we had Ben Shapiro on the show to respond. Also, Billy Hallowell came on to discuss the habit the left has of screaming “Racist” at any conservative they don’t like and to tell us about his last post at Big Hollywood about ‘Rock the Vote’.

Andrew Breitbart called in with a very unique anecdote about his travails in renting a car in Palm Springs. And Adam Baldwin was our featured interview in a wide-ranging discussion about Hollywood, politics, education and Twitter.

The Stage Right Show broadcasts live every week night at 9PM Pacific Time. All past shows are available in their entirety at itunes.

This week we will feature interviews with Gary Graham, Patrick Courrielche, Andrew Ian Dodge and Demon Sheep!

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