Burnt Offering: Friends, Independents, GOPers, and Teapartiers – Lend Me Your Ears: Time to Deal With Immigration

What the hell is going on in this great country of ours?

First, let me say I am sick and tired of The Left destroying the values this country was built on. And not being held accountable! I see the attacks made daily and most are oblivious. If your child was drowning would you just sit there and sip a mint julep? We are all fiddling as our country is being capsized. Like on the Titanic, the quintet keeps playing as the ship sinks.

italian-womenItalian immigrants arrive at Ellis Island

We are a generation that has been psycho-babbled into oblivion. We accept and make excuses for behavior that should not be tolerated. When I was growing up in my fathers house, if I did not obey my parent’s rules I would have been asked to leave. Today, we all go to group therapy and discuss how we can make a compromise and before you know it the parents are the ones who are asked to leave.

My family were immigrants. My grandparents came from Italy. Did you know that the most lynchings in American history were done to Italian immigrants? Did you know that Italian immigrants were treated like dirt? That we were shunned, spit on, killed, whipped, and treated like animals? We were called “guineas, wops, dagos.” It was thought that all Italians were criminals, part of the mafia. All because our names ended in a vowel and we had darker skin.

Yes, my friends, the Italian people were racially profiled. And sometimes, we still are. I will attest to that. But did Italians bitch and cry and complain about America and its rules? No, Italians most certainly did not.

They were told to learn the language and we did. We were told to salute the stars and strips and we did. Gladly. We embraced America, not resent it. We did not have a victimized mentality. My fathers father came here from Sicily and joined the US infantry during World War I. He was wounded twice and received an Oak Leaf Cluster and a Purple Heart. And as difficult as it was for him, he learned English. He sang The Star-Spangled Banner in broken English, not the Giovanezza in Italian.

Don’t get me wrong, we are proud being of Italian descent and have close ties to our cultural heritage, but we are Americans first and foremost. Period. The same happened to the Irish, Jews, Blacks and others. But I cannot speak for what they went through, only what happened to my family and other Italian immigrants.

Recently, a friend of mine, who is a teacher, told me about a stunning exchange that took place during one of his classes when the issue of immigration came up. One of the students, who was clearly left leaning, said, “It’s not fair when the only work they can get is at McDonald’s or as drug dealers.” While my friend, the teacher, considered how best to respond to this, another student, of Hispanic origin, yelled out, “That is a load of BULL. I came here from Mexico six years ago, legally, and I have a car, a good job, my own house, and I LOVE this country.”


What happens is people are told to be victims, and because of this they become victims. It’s conditioning. If you grew up saying, “God damn America,” then that’s how you’re likely to feel. So, instead of helping the immigrant population assimilate into America, they are told that this is really their land and they were given a raw deal. Blah blah blah. It fits right in with the grand old Marxist scheme and breeds nothing but resentment and danger. That’s right, while eating your ice cream a big bad police officer will come in and snatch that cone out of your hand and throw you in jail. How the heck can we have an Attorney General who is pissing on Arizona immigration law? And when asked if he has read it, he admits that he only scanned it and hasn’t even been briefed yet.

We are witnessing right now all the difficulty over immigration. It is as if both parties have put their heads in the sand, because no one wants to lose the vote. The left panders so cleverly, like a pusher enabling entitlements. The right is afraid of appearing insensitive. So nothing is done. No one knows what to do?

Let’s start with securing the borders. Whatever it takes. Next give one month for every illegal to declare themselves under no penalty. Once they are declared, they must learn English. Start English classes immediately for a small fee. We can get volunteers to teach them. If they have no criminal record and wish to stay, good.

They then must declare allegiance to the United States, and the US only. They will be able to work, but they will then wait in line to become citizens until all those who applied legally are accepted. Then they move up based on the amount of time they were here. Finally, they must perform community service for coming here illegally. I don’t care if it’s one hour a week for ten years, but some kind of formula like this.


And let’s stop this “racial” profiling bullshit. Who cares? It’s really “criminal” profiling, but The Left shouts, “Watch out for racial profiling!” Another one of the great buzzwords to manipulate the system and have people live in fear. Well, you know what, if it saves lives, then please, profile away. The arguments from The Left has little to do with the Constitution, but everything to do with tearing the very fabric of American society to sheds.

Pelosi, Reid, Obama… go govern in another country. Get out of American politics because you are seditious in your behavior in upholding our constitution. President Obama is sounding more and more like a South American dictator then the President of the United States. Mr. President, you are trying to reshape America through the prism of your father’s eyes. Remember, you went to a congregation where “God damn America” was the battle cry.

Look, I like Obama. I happen to think he’s a terrific leader… just not for the America our founders intended.

Old glory is under attack. Teachers punish students for wearing the American flag or drawing pictures of it. When I grew up, my teachers were patriots, not subversive. What a difference a few decades make. It is time the line is drawn in the sand. If our tax dollars are going to public schools, I want a say in what is taught and who is doing the teaching.

Wake up, Americans. The time has come for all of us to stop apologizing for being Americans. “E pluribus unum.” — “Out of many, one.” Celebrate, not tear us apart.

Wake up. It is now the responsibility of every man, woman, and child who does not want a Marxist society to take an active part in government and protect our country.

Wake up. We are under attack… and it is from within.


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