'Better This World': Another Chapter in Hollywood's Love Affair With Terrorists

When leftists are embarrassed, caught red-handed, or proven wrong, inevitably they will overreact, begin spitting vile hatred, and then go whining to their Hollywood comrades. And this is when Hollywood Leftists explain to the guilty that they must shape a “narrative” that will change public opinion through the use of deception and the power of the motion picture. Therefore, it should come as no surprise the “documentary,” Better This World, premiered at the wildly popular 2011 South by SouthWest Film and Music Festival.

No, Better This World isn’t about feeding hungry orphans or developing a cure for AIDS. Unfortunately, the movie is a feature length lie about David McKay and Bradley Crowder, two liberal activists convicted of domestic terrorism after plotting an attack against the 2008 Republican National Convention.


Incredibly, these convicted terrorists are the protagonists of this tale. The movie depicts them as victims, nothing but sweet “truth tellers” on a quest for “social justice.” All the while, Brandon Darby — the brave informant who worked with the FBI to expose McKay and Crowder’s terrible plot — is made out to be the film’s villain.

It’s not often that men who “save the day”(and innocent lives) are portrayed as villains in a storyline. But consider the sources: the funders of this film are the notoriously liberal Corporation for Public Broadcasting , Sundance, and Film Independent .

The producers of this “documentary,” Katie Galloway and Kelly Duane de la Vega, clearly worked very hard to distort the truth. These women worked with convicted felons whose own testimony (and the factual basis of the casework) is completely contrary to the story the film tells. However, the hard evidence against, and sworn testimonies of Crowder and McCay, didn’t stop the producers from working their sinister cinematic magic.

First the facts: The confessed truth of these felons and from other sources used in the film is that these two men took their leftist hatred and activism to the brink in Minneapolis. Their planned attack included the use of Molotov cocktails to do major felony property damage. There is also no doubt they were willing to harm people if it meant disrupting the democratic process. However, the “new” leftist narrative that this so-called “documentary” puts forth is that those who turned these two over to the FBI, “entrapped” them into committing the crimes they did.

The producers use every psychological trick in their arsenal to condition the audience into “feeling” that these convicted domestic terrorists are innocent young boys who never meant to hurt anyone, despite the facts of the case and their own testimony.

For example, Better This World includes numerous pictures of the two domestic terrorists as children, features tear-jerking interviews with family members, supportive phone calls with girlfriends, and intimate discussions with the men while they sit in prison.

Darby did not participate in the making of this “documentary.” Although, if one did not already know this, they would assume he did.

The film relies heavily on archival footage of Darby from the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. His angry, revolutionary comments are portrayed as though they were made recently or while he was working undercover in 2008. The filmmakers obviously went out of their way not to include a timeline because of their need to blur these lines in an effort to support a false narrative. What you are not told is that Darby has renounced his radical past.

In an interview with Indiewire.com, the producers commented on the hardships of making their film and maintaining their dishonest narrative:

“BY FAR the biggest challenge was not having the cooperation of one of the story’s key characters. In the end that challenge pushed us to be very creative and perhaps even worked to our advantage,” said Galloway. In the same interview Duane de la Vega explains that herself and Galloway “had to come up with creative ways to make the past feel alive in order to work with the part of our story that unfolded in the present. Definitely a creative challenge but one that we think paid off.”

Here we see the producers admit to carefully leading their audience into falling for a false narrative. Unfortunately for them, good Americans who dwell outside the leftist bubble are increasingly more savvy to the Left’s ongoing strategic manipulations of the truth. Thanks to alternative and social media, everyday Americans can not only be told the truth about the left’s efforts to re-write history, they can help to spread the truth.

But, hey, at least Galloway and Duane de la Vega are honest about their “creative challenges.”

Better This World will broadcast on PBS on September 6. I encourage you to watch this film skeptically in order to learn and understand the tactics the left so often uses to deceive the American people.


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