The Government Shutdown (With Bonus 'Red Eye' Podcast!)

So a government shutdown was narrowly averted, and the world breathed a sigh of relief.

Well, not really.

And I’ll tell you why.

Normal people hate government.


To me, it’s like women’s basketball. If it’s the only thing on, maybe I’ll watch it. But if I don’t have to, I won’t. So imagine network execs fighting over whether or not to air more women’s basketball – that’s how I feel about government.

So, Rejoicing that we’re now “open for business,” is like being happy your free-loading uncle is staying over, another month.

One EXCEPTION: i’m glad the military families are okay… but their paychecks should never have been in play.

The Dems could have separated that from this other budget crap – but I guess you-know-who didn’t want to.

And so we were able to shave 39 billion off a 3.6 trillion dollar budget.

To give you some idea of the proportion of the savings, imagine the budget as a trip to the sun. The savings got you to a rest stop in North Bergen, New Jersey.

I know that stop.

But watching pols do battle over this sliver kills me. It’s like watching two muggers argue over giving their victim – you – a dime – so you can call a cab home.

Anyway, I hear it’s a win for the Republicans, which reveals a sad truth.

We are all screwed if anyone calls this a win.

We may have cut a tiny bit, but the seeping blob called government still won. And we lose – we, being the folks who work to sustain those who don’t.

by 2021, The public debt will reach 87% of GDP.

And that brings us to Greece.

Not the musical – but the reflection in our mirror.


Tucker Carlson

Lori Rothman

Robert Kelly

John Devore

a great lineup!


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