BigDawg Spotlight On: 'the IN word' – The Antidote to Liberal Arts & Political Correctness

Need a break from all the bad news saturating our airwaves, printed news, and cyberspace about the sad state of affairs we face as a Nation? Tired of all the political correctness and leftist group-think disguised as “art” being foisted upon us by the left? Fed up with the elitist Hollywood liberals’ unabashed hatred for all-things-conservative as so brilliantly exposed in Ben Shapiro’s explosive new best-seller “Primetime Propaganda”?

You’re not alone.

With the advent of do-it-yourself internet radio shows and webcasts, the number of grassroots, conservative talk show hosts augmenting the daily news stories covered by conservative kingpins like El Rushbo and The Great One is growing exponentially. These citizen activists are effectively using new media venues to circumvent the barrage of liberal propaganda spewed by today’s so-called ‘journOlists’ and Hollywood celebs.

What is noticeably missing, however, are radio shows and webcasts that focus primarily on conservative pop culture. Most, if not all, of the internet shows provide the hosts’ commentary on current news and politics because, like it or not, it’s what’s on most everyone’s minds these days. But what do we conservatives have right now that is just for entertainment that is NOT laced with the ill-informed, anti-American ideology of the left? Not much, if anything…

Until now.

What would you say if you heard that a self-proclaimed “redneck”, single, white male from Kentucky and a beautiful, accomplished, married black conservative female from Hollywood, with little in common except a love for this country, joined forces to poke fun at all of the insanity using comedy and the arts as their weapons?

Well, buckle up, friends…that is exactly what is about to happen…on a brand-spankin’ new, cutting-edge, conservative arts and entertainment webcast called ‘the IN word’ with co-hosts Joe Dan Gorman and Sonja Schmidt.

[vimeo 24691810 the IN word Promo Reel]

A show with a provocative title like the IN word just smacks of controversy and political IN-correctness run amock…and is the perfect bait to lure folks in. And word about the IN word is getting out.

You will undoubtedly laugh out loud at the shenanigans and endearing chemistry between Joe Dan and Sonja – the Kentucky hillbilly musician and the Hollywood ‘Diva of Liberal Destruction’. They have had a couple test runs over the past few weeks and received nothing but positive feedback. One viewer described the show as “intelligent and silly, poignant and provocative — in short, the show is ‘fun’– a genre typically ‘forbidden ground’ for conservatives.”

The premise of ‘the IN word’ is to showcase ‘Liberal Free Conservative Arts’ and Joe Dan and Sonja (both members of BigDawg Music Mafia) will be inviting artists from our site to join in on the fun starting with conservative urban funk rocker Toots Sweet. If their test runs were any indication of what is to come in their subsequent shows, ‘the In word’ is sure to become the most “IN” show on the internet.

Joe Dan Gorman, a conservative musician and blogger who runs his own multi-media business, was thrilled when he pitched his idea to Sonja Schmidt about the show and she accepted. For those who don’t know, Sonja is a veteran TV Writer/Producer, children’s author and political humorist. She hosts ‘Left Exposed’, a hit commentary show at PJTV. Schmidt also played Michelle Obama in Laura Ingraham’s The Obama Diaries stage show and was a writer for In Living Color and The Arsenio Hall Show.

Here is what Sonja had to say about co-hosting the IN word:

When creator, Joe Dan Gorman contacted me to join him as co-host and co-producer of a brand new webcast show called, the IN word, my first thought was *&^%&* WHAT?! Then after hearing him out, I learned that the IN word would be slick, fast paced, contemporary and entertaining. And rather than being yet another typical, conservative news program, the focus would be on conservative artists and entertainers from all across the nation. I love the IN word! The idea of a hybrid conservative comedy talk-show meets VH-1 was an intriguing idea and one I quickly agreed to do with Joe Dan, who I confess I was a bit of a fan of. Personally, I’ve done my time at many a Hollywood award show (or as I call them, self congratulatory tributes to themselves for producing junk normal people don’t like) where the host routinely goes to the bash-George-Bush well, for a garunteed laugh. And where celebrity awardees (before thanking all the ‘little people’ who made it possible) would take cheap shots at our military or some perceived wrong they believed America has committed. Of course afterward they’d party like there was no tomorrow and wind up ‘drunk-puking’ in those ‘smart cars’ they drove that night to prove their commitment to an eco-friendly world. Okay, just thinking about it, I’m about to drunk-puke.

I’m proud to say the artists who will be featured on the IN word (musicians, painters, bloggers, writers, etc.) will be nothing like the typical Hollywood types. TIW guests are proud patriots, with a unique awareness of purpose, and an overabundance of talent. As Joe Dan says ‘Just ’cause you’re conservative, don’t mean you’re good.’

Aside from being the first conservative arts and entertainment show, TIW is a guaranteed ‘No PC Zone’ where Joe Dan and I will be talking about stuff lots folks are thinking but are too concerned about the thought police to say out loud. No more lamenting about how the Left has created rules for what we can say or do… and about how they’ve negatively influenced our culture for us. We are committed to taking it all back every Wednesday night on the IN word. And I look forward to seeing you there!

Be sure to tune in this Wednesday evening, 8 June 2011 at 11PM ET (8PM PT) on UstreamTV (its free and will stream LIVE to your computer) and join us in chat as we root for Joe Dan Gorman and Sonja Schmidt and the premiere of the internet’s first interactive, conservative arts and entertainment show.

We’re gonna party like its November 2012!


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