Comedian Chris Titus 'Jokes' About Assassinating Sarah Palin (Updated)

***Second Update: Does it go without saying that should Governor Palin to choose to run in 212 that Titus needs to at the top of the list of those investigated by the Secret Service? “In wine is truth?” Same goes for “comedy.”

***Updated: Below the fold are some recent Tweets from an unverified Twitter account that apparently belongs to Titus. If this is him, he’s simply doubling down… Depraved guy.


Jeff Poor at the Daily Caller has more.

ADDED: If this is Titus, you can follow his Twitter feed here. The fact that he only has 5190 followers might explain his making desperate jokes about assassinating Palin. What better way to get attention and tell Leftist Hollywood you’re one of them and ready for another sitcom than by joking about assassinating a mother of five?


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