The Chris Titus Apology That Wasn't


So last night we discussed Chris Titus’s jokey death threat directed at Sarah Palin on The Adam Carolla Show .

After an outcry, he apologized…on Facebook!

He wrote:

“More than anything, I made a joke about a horrible tragedy that befell a great President. To the Kennedy family, my heartfelt apologies. To Ms. Palin’s family, this would infuriate me if it were said about my family. Apologies to you as well.”

But he couldn’t stop there.

His apology became, well, not an apology.

“The comment was based on the fact that America has set the bar so low with what we accept as a possible leader. Just imagine Sarah Palin sitting in a negotiation with Putin, Ahmadinejad or Hu Jin Tao. “

See, he made the joke cause he thinks she’s dumb!


He continues.

Common sense would tell anyone that I was not actually threatening to kill anyone.

Really? See, you said literally, which means, you know, literally.

If you were kidding: no “literally.”

Anyway, Titus, literally, ends on a sour note:

I wish this many people had gotten fired up in May when Insight Youth Project held a comedy show to raise money to get homeless teens off the streets.

See, what he did there?

Making a bad joke is small potatoes compared to you greedy, heartless people ignoring homeless teens!

Titus cares about homeless teens, so get off HIS HOMELESS TEEN-LOVING BACK!

chris, I care about homeless teens too.

But it’s better if you don’t apologize. In a way, like Anthony Weiner’s penis – you don’t benefit from the exposure.

And if you disagree with me, I was hacked.

Tonight, what a group!

King Buzzo from the Melvins!

Sherrod Small!

Ann Coulter

and a special episode of “Pinch and Ann.” Tonight: they go to the View!


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