Linda Hamilton Asks Sgt. Ray Lewis to Marine Corps Ball

Due to a scheduling conflict, Betty White broke his heart. But Sarah Connor herocially steps in to pick up the pieces:


Via My Fox:

Actress Linda Hamilton on Tuesday offered herself as a consolation date to a Marine, after screen veteran Betty White declined his invitation to a military ball.

Just days after “Friends with Benefits” stars Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake accepted YouTube invitations to accompany two Marines to Marine Corps Balls scheduled for November, Sgt. Ray Lewis invited 90-year-old White to join him at one of the balls, calling her “the all-around perfect woman.”

White said Monday that she was “deeply flattered” by Lewis’ invitation, but was unable to accept it because she would be taping an episode of her sitcom “Hot in Cleveland.”

Hamilton, who played Sarah Connor in the first two “Terminator” movies, posted a YouTube video Tuesday in which she says she spent a whole night crying over White turning down Lewis’ invitation.

This is such a great story playing out in Hollywood right now and likely a real morale booster among our Armed Services. It shouldn’t have taken ten years, but this a wonderfully playful relationship building between Hollywood and the U.S. Military.

Let’s hope it’s just the beginning.


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