Jon Stewart Defends Hank Williams Jr.



It was absurdly obvious Hank Williams Jr. was using a metaphor — a horribly misguided one when referencing the president of the United States, but a metaphor nonetheless, and the hysteria over this has been jaw-dropping, calculated, phony, and ginned up. I don’t like hearing my president compared to Hitler — didn’t like it when Bush was president, don’t like it now with Obama in office — but compared to, you know, the ACTUAL comparisons we’ve seen from the Left comparing Bush to Hitler, Williams Jr. sounds pretty tame.

Anyway, my colleague Dana Loesch is one of the few who got this exactly right. This is an ESPN story, not a Hank Williams Jr. story.

And as much as I love me some “Fox and Friends,” Stewart’s opening bust is a pretty clean one. This is why we avoid the whole “Shut Up and Sing” mentality at “Big Hollywood.”It’s just a fact that celebs can have an impact on the politics downstream from them. Sometimes that impact can be used for good and sometimes not. Do I care what Roseanne says? Yes, I do. She’s a moron but the MSM will always find her useful to create distractions and her nihilistic approach is very appealing to young people looking for a reason to not give damn about anything other than stroking their own narcissism — which means you’re pulling the lever marked “D.”

It’s worth mentioning that in the past I’ve been very critical of what I’ve seen as Jon Stewart’s speech policing, so it would be unfair of me not to credit him here with defending speech. Let’s see if he can extend this one day streak.


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