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Apparently Jon Stewart Won't Tolerate Being Mocked


What a treasure trove of information this is. If you recall, in 2007 during the writer’s strike, Jon Stewart kept his show on the air under the absurd claim there was no writing going on — or something. If anyone in showbiz didn’t have to worry about his career losing steam through the strike, it was Stewart.

But Stewart chose scab over principled solidarity, MacFarlane’s “Family Guy” gave him a tweak over it, and…



Just a wee taste of the medicine he ruthlessly dishes out every week and Stewart’s crybabying over it.

Why am I not at all surprised?

It’s also worth mentioning that when it comes to dealing with personal mockery and criticism — especially from “South Park,” from what I’ve seen, MacFarlane has aways kept his sense of humor about it.


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