Part Three: Bringing America Home Again: Law and Order


That’s my grandfather in the middle … well … my grandfather sure looked like the home base umpire in this American classic by Norman Rockwell.

George Moriarty umpired five world series.

After one particularly contentious game, Big George, as I had learned to call him, “took on” not one, not two but three angry ballplayers after the game was over. He showed up for work the next day a bit bruised and battered.

Two of the “vengeful players,” however, couldn’t even make it to the next game. That’s only one of the stories I was told about my grandfather and how tough he was.

He and Charlie “Boss” Schmidt were the only two Detroit Tigers that the rest of the team wouldn’t mess with. That

category included the great base-stealing intimidator, Ty Cobb. The man that sat visibly in the dugout sharpening his spikes!

Given Cobb’s bullying ways and my grandfather’s sense of right and wrong, Law and Order and our family’s protective instincts for Law and Order have been in the Moriarty family for three generations.

My father was kind of a cop as well. A police surgeon. That’s one thing all three of us have had in common: law and order. However, during my belated second childhood in my sixties, I took on four Canadians and lost. Big time!

I was learning to recognize a common ailment, quite prevalent among cops: alcoholism. Had I not been in a bar, the beating I suffered never would have happened. That I’m still alive after that; and, later on, after an inevitable heart failure from smoking and drinking?

It is a miracle.

Herman Cain’s survival is a bit of a miracle, isn’t it? I’m expecting a miracle now for the United States of America, and that miracle is Herman Cain! Will the United States come home again? That’s what this editorial series is all about. One great sense of “Home for America” is Norman Rockwell.

In my coming articles about bringing the United States back to the fundamentals, rooted again in the law and order which my grandfather, father and I staked our lives on, I will depend greatly on the Sarah Palin of American artists, Norman Rockwell.

The so-called serious critics of painting looked down on Rockwell’s patriotism and his love of the basic ingredients that distinguish America from any other nation in the history of the world. The Art World’s Elitists had the same contempt for Rockwell that the know-it-all, bipartisan Progressives have for Sarah Palin. Now that the Progressives have driven Sarah Palin out of the 2012 election, what are the chances of America ever coming home again?

Those hopeful prospects now lie with Herman Cain!

One of the greatest of quintessentially American success stories is Herman Cain! He not only “whipped” racism, he beat cancer! The American fundamentals is how. Individual freedom, individual responsibility and a minimum of self-pity!

As he obviously believes, those in America who have not succeeded have only themselves to blame.

However, as Mr. Cain also indicated: If we live with four more years of President Barack Obama, unemployment will grow to even more record-breaking heights and the American Spirit will be waning if not utterly lost. Drowning in the quicksand of the Progressive New World Order.

What we will have is this – please watch the video until a justifiably upset John Lewis eventually leaves this undeniably self-loathing, Marxist gathering of the Obama Nation. What happened to Lewis, happened to me at a jazz club in New York. John Lewis, with his courageous individuality in the history books, cannot be allowed to talk at that event.

According to the Marxists, “No one is special!” I was told at Bradley’s that I cannot, in this Progressive New World Order, even be allowed to applaud my favorite jazz soloist. If you listen to Nicole’s Henry’s rendition of The Nearness of You, you will hear the wonderfully satisfying applause and gratitude from the audience after her first chorus.

Yes, indeed, her delivery here is “special!”

Both examples are an indelible reminder of President Obama’s version of a “teachable moment.” This is beyond not being American. Imagine a “politically correct” law that forbid cheering and applause during the World Series?! “No favorites!” is what a European customer spit at me as I applauded musical excellence.

I wish I’d told that Politically Correct Table to get out of that jazz club, get out of New York, get out of America and never come back!

The Fist of the Obama Nation is closing. Closing on us in a “teachable moment”!

From these glimpses of the Marxist New World Order, the Obama Nation doesn’t merely want to “fundamentally transform” the U.S. I suspect that President Obama secretly hates our much-too-American guts.

That President Obama is so “cool” simply proves that his vengeance and demand for transformative “reparations” is being, as even he might say, “served up cold.”

Who cannot be moved, changed, impressed, persuaded or minutely altered by the so-called “brothers” of the Obama Nation?

Herman Cain.

Herman Cain has seen it all! That man has survived it all! Herman Cain must be our next President of the United States. All I expect, in return for my endorsement and continued support, is a ringside seat at Herman Cain’s Second Inaugural Address.

By then no one would dare to stop my applause. In a little over eight years, with Herman Cain as President, America will be home again. Individual Americans will be free again! Herman Cain is a quintessentially American success story! Apropos of Rockwell’s portrait, until Herman Cain is President, the entire American Ballgame, so to speak, will be “rained out”.

Mr. Cain, you had better start thinking of your vice-Presidential pick! My money is on Marco Rubio.

Cain and Rubio!

You of the increasingly Marxist New World Order, try and attack that ticket!


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