'Occupy Hollywood' – The Left Begins to Eat Itself

You’re not a conservative if Kim Kardashian making millions for being a half-witted, no-talent reality TV star bothers you. In fact, if you feel “there oughta be a law” somehow regulating, limiting or otherwise controlling in any manner at all how much dough she rakes in from the drooling morons who choose to fling it at her, you are part of the problem.

This woman took very, very little in the way of ability and somehow provided a service – of a kind that frankly baffles me – that millions of people nevertheless want to spend their money on. Regardless, it’s none of your or my business, and it’s especially none of the government’s business.

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But now, here comes “Occupy Hollywood,” a hilarious exercise in poetic justice in which the left proposes to chase its own tail by attacking the same cretinous celebrities who have been the first to parrot every commie slogan the bongo-playing degenerates of Occupy Wall Street have misspelled on their placards.

Jo Piazza, the author of some remainder bin perennial titled Celebrity, Inc.: How Famous People Make Money, is leading the bite-the-hand-that-feeds-you-athon with an article in The Huffington Post called “Occupy Hollywood: Why It’s Time To Call Out High-Earning Celebrities.”

For some reason, she thinks what movie stars make is some sort of problem:

Yet, the middle class continues to prop up the .01 percent: Hollywood celebrities who make millions just for being themselves. When it comes to making money, celebrities are abnormal. Their enormous salaries make them outliers in the American economy, on a pay grade above most CEOs, surgeons and lawyers — the professions that typically come to mind when we think of the wealthy.

Well, it sure is a problem, like global warming is a problem — that is, it isn’t. As Chet the Unicorn would say if he was here and not riding the magic rainbow to Happyland, that some people she envies are successful is apparently America’s greatest crisis; ergo, you should all be outraged! After all, to liberals, government’s primary function is catering to the worst impulses of jealous busybodies.

Piazza whines about Kardashian, Snooki, and Brangelina making money. For some reason, she is under the impression that what celebrities make is her business:

It is messed up! So what can we do about it?

Only a liberal sees other people being successful and finds it imperative to put a stop to it. Her solution?

So how about a movement to Occupy Hollywood?

Gimme a break. Here’s a better idea. How about you and the rest of the left-wing morons start a movement to shut the hell up?

We, as conservatives who love freedom – meaning of necessity that we love free enterprise and detest the idea of the kind of fascist nanny state these losers would impose in order to to make the world conform to their arbitrary and self-serving concepts of fairness – need to draw the battle line here, at the celebrities.

We need to defend the right of everyone – even stupid, useless, vapid nincompoops – to get rich.

Johnny Depp (by all accounts a good guy) made $50 million last year, Piazza complains. And we conservatives must say, “Awesome!”

Liberals see success as a problem – if people are able to live their own lives without the guidance of aspiring liberal fascists, the entire premise of liberalism is fatally undercut. So success is the target, and not a lot of people have been as successful as Johnny Depp has.

Yeah, he’s earned a lot of money. That’s great! The key word is “earned.” He has talent, he has skill, and he provides something that makes him worth $50 million a year to someone. That someone wants his services and considers it a good deal to fork over $50 mil, but Piazza, the liberal fascist, would prefer to substitute her arbitrary assessment of his value for the free choice of those who actually are paying him.

Hell no.

Depp’s time and talent belong to him — not to Piazza, not Michael Moore, not to any of those drumming idiots in Zuccotti Park.

It belongs to him, not her, and he owes no one – not me, not you, not Piazza, not Obama – any explanations, reasons or excuses. If he wishes to bathe nude in a swimming pool full of twenties, that’s his business and none of ours.

It’s his property. Taking it from him, as Piazza would love to do to satisfy her personal vision of justice, is theft.

It’s morally wrong.

And as a practical matter, it’s devastating. Piazza and the rest of her envious, thieving loser pals don’t really care about Depp’s millions. They care about our thousands. Hell, we all know how communism works; it’s the regular folks who get their property redistributed while the nomenklatura elite lives in luxury.

We can safely assume Piazza envisions herself a redistributer rather than a redistributee. It’s always like that with liberals; somehow we end up making the sacrifice while they sip champagne. Do you think Al Gore is going to take a seat on a biodiesel Greyhound bus or hop on a private jet to the next climate change scam confab?

Spreading hate for the successful, lying that their success is somehow illegitimate or “unearned” because it fails to meet some ever-shifting set of arbitrary standards, is simply a way to get their fascist footsies in the door to redistribute us.

Sure, it’s amusing to see a bunch of liberal Hollywood nitwits suddenly confronted by howling leftists who the stars thought they had been backing. As entertaining as poetic justice is, it’s still wrong to take people’s property just because they are stupid and embrace idiotic ideas – Alec Baldwin, I’m looking your way.

Sure, you have an elitist buffoon like Frank Rich figuratively – at least – sporting wood over the idea that this Occupy Wall Street nonsense will develop into a real class war. Limo leftists are always turned on by the thought of real live revolution – that’s why they don t-shirts silk-screened with the mug of that butcher Che Guevara (they forget how that coward died begging for his useless life before the CIA and Bolivian Army sent him on an eternal vacation to hell).

But dilettantes like Rich and the Hollywood left would soon find themselves against the bullet-pocked wall if a real revolution came. And they’d die wondering why, as so many other useful idiots have in the aftermath of previous leftist revolutions.

Of course, that won’t happen here, because there won’t be a leftist revolution, because too many of us will fight to the death before we ever let that happen. So there’s no real danger; the elite leftists from Hollywood to New York can keep on posing as the vanguard of the coming people’s struggle, kept safe and secure, as always, by the efforts of better men and women than themselves.

In the meantime, we can hold the line for freedom and free enterprise by defending the rights of clowns named Kardashian and malignant dwarfs named Snooki to sell whatever it is that people – for whatever unfathomable reason – choose to buy from them.

Maybe a few celebrities might learn a lesson from Occupy Hollywood. Maybe some might not be so quick to reflexively adopt the latest tidbit of lefty received wisdom next time. But it doesn’t matter. We don’t defend their freedom because we like them. We do so because it is the right thing to do, and because when we defend their freedom, we are defending our own.


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