Box Office Predictions: 'Boots' Will Walk All Over Justin Timberlake


As predicted, Paranormal Activity 3 scared up a huge opening last week. This week, it’s animated fare that looks to grab the top spot while Justin Timberlake and Johnny Depp headline also-rans.

This weekend’s predictions and revenue results go as follows:

1. Puss In Boots ($37 million) – Opening the film now is kind of a head scratcher. A large family film just before Halloween that’s not connected to the holiday? Family Halloween activities this weekend will definitely cut into the flick’s overall gross. Look for Rango-like results here because of this.

[youtube Znuq-daWfLE nolink]

2. Paranormal Activity 3 ($24 million) – This film will be helped much by Halloween activities this weekend, especially the later evening showings. Expect a very strong second coming and even more money in the franchise’s already impressive bank.

[youtube 90r3CnPI0AM nolink]

3. In Time ($14 million) – Justin Timberlake may be a lot of things, but he’s still an unproven box office draw. With Friends With Benefits already coming in under expectations last summer, this isn’t picking up much buzz in audience interest either. It will probably end up with a Source Code-like opening. That may even be too generous.

[youtube fdadZ_KrZVw nolink]

4. The Rum Diary ($6.4 million) – The film has Johnny Depp but also a very confusing marketing campaign. Most are unaware of the film’s premise, concept, or even plot lines. All it really has is, well, Johnny Depp. Because of this, look for a very low opening.

[youtube 0YUx36yLLug nolink]

5. Footloose ($6.1 million) – With Puss In Boots stealing away Real Steel’s family audiences, Footloose finally has the inside track to beat the dueling robots. It will still be close, but look for this film to pull away in the end.

[youtube gtjI6OHVk00 nolink]

Feel we have it right? Or was there something we missed?


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