Music Video: 'Tides' by Utopian Riot

Our latest video, “Tides,” delivers a dark warning: “This isn’t the ending; it’s only beginning.” We hope it will disturb people to some extent. It would be wonderful to have some effect with the people who enjoy our music yet take their freedom to listen to it completely for granted. Taking freedom for granted is extremely dangerous–add a large dose of discontent, and you have a formula for disaster.

But your discontent is based on legitimate claims of injustice! Why the dark warning?

Consider those skilled in organizing communities of people–consider the ideology of the organizers–are they different than yours? Maybe they are celebrating your discontent for good reason? Maybe they don’t want to let a crisis go to waste. They might even have a part in creating the crisis.

[youtube V20dcA4BQ1I]

Does it make sense to redistribute, reestablish, and/or fundamentally change the basic foundation of a culture to address a current problem? Maybe it sounds attractive to those who are jealous of the successful and not personally motivated towards achievement. There will always be those people. But what if hard-working, freedom-loving, motivated people, through ignorance and carelessness, unwillingly line up behind the hordes of protesters demanding the kind of change that can never be changed back?

We are not immune to the atrocities that have occurred throughout history! The lessons are there for our edification, but many people are caught up in the latest group mentality craze and are not even aware of the origins of their current ideology. The wise and watchful see the turning of the tide and consider all the possibilities, while the ignorant and foolish ride the tides blindly towards something they know little of.

If you take your freedom for granted and are divided from your countryman through class hatred and racism, plus you believe that the system is unfair and needs to be righted, then perhaps you are ready to give your government all the power it craves in order to establish this utopia!

The tides are predictable, affected by the sun and moon, but the tides of change are not. They are unpredictable, bringing ashore that which you didn’t count on, and taking away that which you didn’t realize you cherished. That is the warning when we sing: “so dark are the tides.”

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