Breitbart Citizen Journalist Attends DC 'Game Change' Premiere

Breitbart Citizen Journalist Attends DC 'Game Change' Premiere

Last night, I attended the premiere of HBO’s movie “Game Change” in Washington, D.C. at the Newseum. Unlike the New York screening, where guests were feted with a sit-down dinner at the Four Seasons, Washington guests had to make do with just a standing-only reception.

Julianne Moore, Tom Hanks, and other cast members and production executives — all in true Hollywood fashion — walked past a mob of reporters. but oddly enough, the red carpet was actually blue; perhaps a nod to the blue state/red state distinction. It was, in essence, Hollywood on the Potomac.

In January, I was invited to this premiere by Lisa Kline, who was Gov. Palin’s stylist during the Republican National Convention, which led to the over-hyped, so-called “wardrobe controversy.” Lisa vindicated Gov. Palin and proved the wild allegations to be false in a 2010 interview that she had with me on Sarah Palin Radio. Of course, the media completely ignored that interview and, in doing so, ignored the truth as well.

So what’s new?

Lisa is portrayed in the movie, which is why she was invited to the premiere. I interviewed Lisa yesterday, and she pointed out several falsehoods. She was interviewed by the film’s screenwriter Danny Strong prior to his writing the screenplay. She explicitly told him that it was serious business with Gov. Palin regarding the wardrobe run-through. He chose to ignore his own “research” and made Gov. Palin appear giddy during the wardrobe scenes. Lisa also said that Gov. Palin never mispronounced Jimmy Choo. In fact, it never happened. No matter. That’s Hollywood, the land of make-believe.

Seeing friendshanding out SarahPAC’s Game Change “showbill” outside the Newseum gave me the courage to enter the lion’s den. Being so deep behind enemy lines was nerve-wracking, to say the least, but I could easily tell who was from Hollywood. They were the people that were not hating but who were air-kissing one another.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough created a buzz at the reception, working the room like the seasoned politician that he is. Also making the rounds was PBS NewsHour correspondent Gwen Ifill, who’s in the movie. She was the moderator for the vice presidential debate that Gov. Palin won against Joe Biden. She was wearing the same light, blue jacket that she wore in the debate and movie. Now that’s what I call getting a lot of mileage out of a jacket.

When I saw Danny Strong, the film’s screenwriter, sitting one row in front of me, I attempted to ask him how much of the movie was actually based on fact since there are no named sources in either the movie or book, but he pretended not to hear me and quickly looked away.

It appears that Danny, who got his start “acting” in Buffy the Vampire Slayer now fancies himself as Danny the Sarah Palin Slayer. Dream on Danny boy.

Sitting in the row behind me was Mr. Sell-out himself, Steve Schmidt. He did not look happy. I didn’t see him crack a smile once, not even when he was introduced to the audience by Tom Hanks.  

As for the movie, I ask only this: Who’s got whom in the crosshairs? This HBO hit piece that masquerades as “a fair portrayal of the 2008 election” is nothing short of a character assassination. The idea that Gov. Palin seriously told Schmidt, “I so don’t want to go back to Alaska,” is as ludicrous as Nicole Wallace’s sobbing scene as she claims she couldn’t vote for the ticket she had worked so hard for.

And the myth about racial slurs hurled at McCain-Palin events once again raises its ugly head, egged on by the left despite the fact that this never happened and have been proven false time and again. No matter. The left hopes that if they continue lying, it will eventually be accepted as the truth.

There were some memorable lines in the movie like “Sarah is a transformative figure like Ronald Reagan,” and the moving woman-on-the-street interview praising Gov. Palin, “She talks to me and nobody talks to me.” Certain parts of the film, where you’d suspect laughter from the audience, fell flat. One could feel the audience getting tired of the constant ridicule heaped on Gov. Palin. It wasn’t funny, it was pathetic.

HBO and all those involved ought to be ashamed, not only for only producing but celebrating what amounts to a political hit job. But the left, as we all know too well, knows no shame. The left only knows hatred.

After the screening, I, like most of the women in the audience, made a beeline to the lady’s room where I overheard a telling conversation between two, young women. They both agreed that after watching Game Change, they now have more respect for Gov. Palin.

Hollywood will most likely give this movie some awards. The American public, however, won’t be fooled.

Thanks to New Media, the jig is up.  


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